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Kitting & Assembly

At MEDIUS we specialize in cost-effective kitting and assembly for medical devices, electronics, cosmetics, educational materials, corporate gifts, and promotional products.

We offer high-volume custom assembly solutions and build-out of various components to meet your specifications or BOM (Bill of Materials) requirements.

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This process involves pulling and staging the required items for a build, then assembling them into a finished product that can be mapped to a unique SKU. These finished goods will then be prepared for shipment.

At MEDIUS, we use assembly lines and trained staff for an efficient and uniform kitting and assembly process. We will build out a “first article” sample for you to review and approve before going to full production.

Our Quality Assurance team also conducts regular audits to ensure that all final products are correct, complete, and assembled to your exact specifications.

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What can MEDIUS put together for you?

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