The purpose of die cutting depends on the function of the material being cut. For boxes, die cutting is primarily used to ensure the material folds properly to create the box. In presentation folder printing, die cutting is used to create the customization of the folder and custom pockets.

Rotary die cutting is die cutting using a cylindrical die on a rotary press and may be known as a rotary die cutter or RDC. A long sheet material will be fed through the press into an area known as a “station” which holds a rotary tool or “die” that will cut out shapes, make perforations or creases, or even cut the sheet into smaller parts. A series of gears will force the die to rotate at the same speed as the rest of the press, ensuring that any cuts the die makes line up with the printing on the material. Our machines use automatic eye registration to make sure the cuts and/or printing are lined up with one another as lower tolerances are required.


A folding and gluing machine has enabled us to provide packaging options to various business sectors. The quality of our products is based on the quality of the materials we use and equipment we use to make them. To establish ourselves as a provider of quality carton boxes and other packaging materials, we’ve invested in machinery that will help us meet the ever-increasing demands of new-and-improved folding carton designs and innovations.

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