What does CMYK mean

I am frequently asked these and other similar questions about the “CMYK” acronym. Simply, CMYK stands for four ink colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

In Digital printing, the four CMYK colors are applied to the paper all at once. In Offset printing, the four CMYK ink colors are applied to the paper in successive layers. By overlapping these four ink colors in various concentrations, a huge number of other colors can be created. As a result, the combined visual effects of these four CMYK colors produce what we commonly know as Full Color Printing.

Other names for the CMYK printing method include Four Color Printing, Four Color Process, 4CP, or simply Process Printing. Hence, all of the additional colors that can be created from the four CMYK colors are referred to as Process colors. The CMYK Process is used for printed matter that contains photographs and other designs of varying colors.

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