January 22, 2016

Client Resource

File Upload

Using FTP to send your files.

FTP (file transfer protocol) lets you upload your large files to our server for easy access.

To use FTP, you need:

  • An FTP client (we recommend FileZilla but there are many others)
  • A username and password obtained from customer service

This article shows you how to FTP files using FileZilla.


  1. Download, install, and launch FileZilla.
  2. Complete the following fields, and then click Quickconnect.
    Field What to enter…
    Host ftp.mediuscorp.com
    Username Your provided username
    Password Your provided password
    Port 21
  3. Drag your website’s files from the Local site area to the Remote site area.

When the upload is complete you will see your files in the Remote Site location.